Ready to learn how to spark enthusiasm for teaching and learning? The Positive Education Project, (PEP),  can be implemented as a schoolwide approach or simply on a classroom level.  PEP gives administrators and teachers strategies for implementing well-being, character, hope and optimism into their school using existing curriculums.

Join us in these experiential and interactive PEP workshops


Workshop I — Let’s Begin with PEP and 3 Simple Tools to Use Today!

This informative and experiential workshop will lay the foundation for understanding the Positive Education Project (PEP) and provide you with 3 simple tools to use in your classroom to create optimism and engagement.

Let’s begin by introducing you to the key ideas from the growing science of Positive Psychology upon which Positive Education is based.  We will explore the significance of PERMA and Character Strengths in boosting optimism and curiosity in classrooms and reveal the benefits schools around the world are reaping by practicing Positive Education.   We will travel on an experiential journey through mindfulness, savoring, and WWW&W to discover their practical application in school that will boost learning and positivity.

1-Hour Workshop: Suggested price $100 per group


Workshop II — Invigorating with Character Strengths:  Drawing the Best From Teachers and Students

The focus of this interactive workshop is individual Character Strengths and how to implement these strengths to maximize your teaching skills and student engagement.

Let’s draw the best from teachers and students by exploring the world of Character Strengths and how they drive PEP into action. You will discover your top character strengths as well as learn how to spot strengths in others.  Understanding Character Strengths and their shadow side can be beneficial in all relationships, especially with difficult or disengaged students who challenge your ability to maintain control and discipline. We will design new ways to integrate Character Strengths into your current curriculum and reveal how character strengths can aid students in accomplishing challenging assignments and in resolving relationship issues.  Educators will become invigorated as they reignite their passion for teaching by identifying and using their own character strengths in the classroom.

1-Hour Workshop: Suggested price $100 per group


Workshop III — What’s the Big WOOP?  Building Grit, Resilience, and Growth Mindset

Expand your knowledge and increase your PEP by experiencing these engaging techniques to build grit, resilience and improve your positive teaching-learning relationship with students.

Let’s discover how to create a meaningful educational setting where students and teachers want to be. We will explore valuable tools like building resilience that will help you and your students recover from set-backs quickly. Also, how to accomplish goals in WOOP fashion. Additional tools like growth mindset, gratitude and random acts of kindness will create unity and positivity in classroom relationships. From here you will be able to design a personalized strategy for your classroom or school.

1-Hour Workshop: Suggested price $100 per group

WORKSHOPS on these topics for PARENTS, PTA & PTO groups are also available.

Jane is willing to work within a school’s budget.
Private coaching fee $100 per hour.

Looking for more? 

Jane provides ongoing trainings for educators and administrators who are interested in developing a school culture of Positive Education.

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