All out of PEP?  

1-  Utah’s suicide rate  among teens ages 10-17 has more than DOUBLED from 2011 to 2015 and is currently growing nearly 4 times FASTER than the national average.

2-  2016 Gallop survey found that only 1/2 of adolescents report feeling engaged in school.  That drops to only 1/3 of the students feeling engaged by 11th grade.

3-  When over 22,000 high school students were asked how they currently feel in school, 75% of the responses were negative.  The most common responses were ‘tired,’ ‘stressed,’ and ‘bored’.

PEP – Greater Well-Being Optimizes Learning

Positive Education blends well-being and character with academics.  It is built upon the research based science of Positive Psychology (the ‘Science of Happiness’.)  PEP– Positive Education Project trains teachers and students with the skills of optimism, engagement and resilience so they can THRIVE at school and in life.

PEP trains teachers with the skills of how to use individual character strengths to draw out the best in themselves and their students which will increase the love of teaching and learning.  When these character strengths are applied to academics, individuals feel a personal investment in their education and teaching.

TOO BUSY ?  NO TIME?  No worries!  All the workshops allow you to experience the simple tools and techniques so you can use them the moment you walk out the door.  And better yet, they are easily implemented into existing curriculums.



Making School a Place Students and Teachers Want to Be

Do you want to create more optimism in your school with students who are engaged and teachers that thrive?  PEP– can show you how!

Studies show that students in school practicing Positive Education have:

• Less depression and anxiety
• Increased engagement, creativity and motivation
• Higher academic performance
• Better conduct

The Positive Education Project, strives to bring out the best in teachers and students to create the optimal learning experience. Join me in sparking enthusiasm for teaching and learning through Positive Education Project.


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