Responses from workshop participants-

“Your presentation was good;  I knew that as soon as you finished…However, I am frankly ASTONISHED at the subsequent response!!”  -Executive Director of a local Charter School

“The struggle is real for students with special needs.  Positive education is the best medicine for them and their teachers.  Thanks for the great work that you do!”  – special needs school teacher

“Thank you for a wonderful presentation today… I will use this information to build positive connections!  Thank you for your positive approach for students and teachers.”  – a middle school teacher

“Your presentation was one of a series of monthly presentations…One never knows how teachers will receive these presentations.  Yours last Wednesday has created the biggest positive stir and response by far!”  -Charter School Administrator

“I appreciated your presentation.  You have a wealth of really practical knowledge and you are very engaging- enticing us with the possibility to change ourselves.  Thanks.”  -community member

“Our homeschool lacked enthusiasm.  The tools that Jane gave us ignited passion for learning in a different way and gave us more motivation to become our best selves and be happier.”  –homeschooling mom, NSL