Finally- here is the healing part to the last few blogs.  If you noticed what feeling(s) you had that were uncomfortable, and perhaps you even took a deep breath and became aware of a time in the past that you felt the same way, then you can go back to heal that old wound.

Close your eyes and see yourself when you first remember  having that feeling.  If you dig deep enough, you may discover it started sometime in your childhood.  Now imagine a loving adult, (which could be you), a spiritual higher power or someone you admire and trust, coming in and comforting you or protecting and standing up for you in that time of pain.  Perhaps it would be the words you might say to a friend if they were in that situation.  It would be loving kind words of healing, hope, encouragement, understanding and love etc.  Keep your eyes closed and soak in those words and the feeling of love being expressed to you.  Feel it in your soul and heart and visualize it healing that wound inside of you.

It may take more than once to get a sense of healing, on the other hand, sometimes once is all it takes.  This process is powerful and I probably didn’t give it the full explanation it needs, partially because it is within a blog setting, but perhaps it will be useful to you.  Something to remember is-  don’t turn your happiness over to anyone.  You are in charge!

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