So how did it go?  Did you play the ‘no one is going to mess with me today’ game, mentioned on the last blog?  Whether you played the game for the entire day or just an hour, or whether you were able to not let anyone mess with you or not, doesn’t matter.  You played the game!  Congrats!  That means you noticed, were aware of your emotions and how you allow or don’t allow events or others to get under your skin and ‘mess with you’.

Play the game again, but for a longer period of time.  Again, notice if something or someone bothers you.  Then take it one step further by asking yourself, “What is the feeling I have about this thing or person bothering me?  Have I been bothered like this in the past?  When?  What was happening and how was I feeling?”  See if you can  notice a common thread or feeling in any of the memories you recalled.  Great!  Now you have something to work with.  Watch for the next blog to move to the next step.  Enjoy the game!

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