In yesterday’s blog I promised to explain the importance of ‘why’ in WWW & W.  So, when looking at something that went well in your day ask yourself ‘Why did it go well?’  Sometimes you will find it is because YOU did something that made it go well and when you can identify what YOU did to make it go well, ta-da! YOU can give yourself a pat on the back and now YOU know how to do it again.

Example:  What Went Well –  ‘I made it to work on time.’  Why?  ‘Because I got up when the alarm rang and had ample time to drive to work.’  So, your actions caused you to get to work on time.

Example:  What Went Well –  ‘My friend and I laughed at lunch.’  Why?  ‘Because I took the time to call and invite him/her to lunch and we focused on positive, fun past memories.’   So, your planning and initiative to invite him/her to lunch brought about a good time for both of you.

Using WWW & W with your students and in your own life will increase everyone’s happiness.  See if you can write down 3 WWW & W each day this week.  ENJOY the results!


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