What You Focus On Expands

Focusing on the good doesn’t mean you ignore feelings of sadness, disappointment or fear, but it does mean you can still find some good amongst horrific events like the shooting in Las Vegas, where strangers helped and protected other strangers.   Amazing acts of courage, kindness and compassion are behaviors humans demonstrate in times of need, as we have seen in these last few weeks of hurricanes and other tragedies .  My heart goes out to my family members who live in Las Vegas, and those affected by this heinous act.

Puerto Rico Relief Efforts

A friend and I rallied together our neighbors and collected $3060 in cash and supplies to donate to the Utah Support For Puerto Rico organization.  It was created by 3 Utahns who combined with Vivint Smart Home to gather and fly the supplies to Puerto Rico sometime in the next day or two.

I was overwhelmed and grateful for the donations, and it all came together within 36 hours!  This gathering of money and supplies to help those in dire need created a lot of positivity for those who gave and for those Puerto Ricans who will receive!  To Puerto Rico con amor! (with love.)

P.S.  Zeke arrived safely in Roseville, California, having arrived with the clothes on his back and only an overnight bag.  All his belongings are still in Puerto Rico, either blown away by Hurricane Maria or floating down a flooded neighborhood street.  But he is safe and hoping to return to Puerto Rico to give humanitarian aid as soon as possible.