The devastation shown in photos of Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria hit on September 20th, are heart wrenching.  I can’t even comprehend how those people will carry on.  My son, Zeke, will be flying out of Puerto Rico in the morning if all goes as planned. Rumor has it that he and the others he is with, have been living off canned tuna, beans and saltines for the past week.  I am sure that may be more than what many others have eaten.

A part of me wants him to stay and spread his positive attitude and use his strong body to remove debris and help those in need.  The practical mothering part of me worries about contaminated water etc. and wants him to find safety on the mainland.   But most certainly, it has increased my gratitude for the very basic necessities of life, of which I have never had to go without.  To the people of Puerto Rico, you are in my prayers!

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