Zeke, Puerto Rico and Hurricane Maria

The devastation shown in photos of Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria hit on September 20th, are heart wrenching.  I can’t even comprehend how those people will carry on.  My son, Zeke, will be flying out of Puerto Rico in the morning if all goes as planned. Rumor has it that he and the others he is with, have been living off canned tuna, beans and saltines for the past week.  I am sure that may be more than what many others have eaten.

A part of me wants him to stay and spread his positive attitude and use his strong body to remove debris and help those in need.  The practical mothering part of me worries about contaminated water etc. and wants him to find safety on the mainland.   But most certainly, it has increased my gratitude for the very basic necessities of life, of which I have never had to go without.  To the people of Puerto Rico, you are in my prayers!

30,000 Days

It was an awesome Character Day!  I loved the new motivational 10 minute film, 30,000 Days, blending character, passion and purpose.

And I am inspired by the interview with Jane Golden, the founder and executive director of Mural Arts in Philadelphia who creates ‘urban transformation through art’. Also Lea Waters and her new book The Strength Switch, which is about strength-based parenting- oh, if I had only known all this stuff when I was raising my own children!  Mark your calendar for Sept. 26, 2018- next year’s Character Day!

Character Day- Sept 13

A big thanks to my daughter Maggie and her husband, Michael, who put this website together for my birthday!  Thanks, I LOVE it!

CHARACTER DAY is Sept 13, 2017!  This is the 4th year Let It Ripple has created a day for character strength celebration.  There are already 115,000 groups across 109 countries signed up.  Now that’s impressive!

The website has 3 engaging 8-10 minute films The Science of Character, The Adaptable Mind, and The Making of a Mensch.


These are great films bout character that can be shown to students, co-workers, companies, families, basically the world.  It’s free and it takes about 90 seconds to sign up.  You can join in for live interviews with experts in positive psychology, grit, education and a whole host of other interesting topics as well as download discussion material.  It’s also a great opportunity to think of your top character strength and use it to create something positive in your life or in the lives of others.  Think about it. Do it.  Enjoy!  And keep flourishing my friends!