Positive Education Project

The Problem: Disengaged Students, Burned-Out Teachers

When over 22,000 high school students were asked how they currently feel in school, 75% of the responses were negative. The most common responses were ‘tired,’ ‘stressed,’ and ‘bored’. Positive Education will train teachers and students with the skills that enable them to feel hope, positivity and engagement so they can THRIVE at school and in life.

The Solution: - PEP - blending well-being and character with academics
The Project

Positive Education is an outgrowth of Positive Psychology (the ‘Science of Happiness’) and focuses on ‘what works well’ and doing more of it, rather than always trying to ‘fix what’s wrong’.

Why PEP?

Only 1/2 of adolescents report feeling engaged in school. That drops to only 1/3 of the students feeling engaged by 11th grade. Positive Education's evidence based research can change that.

Pick up PEP

Positive Education blends the skills of well-being, character and academics. The Positive Education Project can be implemented as a schoolwide approach or simply on a classroom level.

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PEP — Positive Education Project
PEP and 3 Simple Tools

This informative and experiential workshop will lay the foundation for understanding the Positive Education Project (PEP) and provide you with 3 simple tools to use in your classroom to create optimism and engagement.

PEP — Positive Education Project
PEP It Up With Character Strengths

The focus of this interactive workshop is individual Character Strengths and how to implement these strengths to maximize your teaching skills and student engagement.

PEP — Positive Education Project
The Big WOOP: Building Grit, Resilience, Growth Mindset and More PEP

Expand your knowledge and increase your PEP by experiencing these engaging techniques to build grit, resilience and improve your positive teaching-learning relationship with students.